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Art Now Pakistan: Imran Mir Alchemist of Line

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This exhibition of more than fifty works by the artist brings together some of his earliest works as well as his most recent explorations of form and space. “The Alchemist of Line” is curated by Nasreen Askari, Director of the Mohatta Palace Museum, and Durriya Kazi, the Head of the Department of Visual Studies at the Karachi University, who not only take us on a journey through four decades of the artist’s illustrious career but manage to highlight new narratives through the curatorial decisions they have made. The exhibit is divided into five rooms, each leading into the next, guiding the audience across a thematic presentation that creates new points of interest in the artist’s oeuvre.

Dawn News - Salwat Ali: About the Imran Mir Art Award

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The concept of establishing an art foundation to preserve and foster an artist’s creative legacy is not a norm here and such institutions are few and far between. As and when such an initiative is undertaken by concerned individuals, expectations are raised and hopes are pinned on the foundation’s worth and ability to generate an art momentum.

Imran Mir: The precision of chaos -

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It is significant that Imran Mir’s exhibitions were each numerically titled “Papers on Modern Art” ending posthumously with his “12th Paper on Modern Art”. His aesthetic style, informed by his exposure to art and artists especially during his stay in North America in the early ’70s, allowed him to carve his own niche and he may be considered part of alternative or rather parallel histories of Pakistani art.

Imran Mir: What you see is what you see - Art Now Pakistan

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A book launch and memorial for the late Imran Mir took place on Wednesday, 17th December 2014, at his studio house. The memorial marked the publication of his book, What You See Is What You See, and speakers Niilofur Farrukh, Shahid Abdulla, Hameed Haroon, and the artist's son, Kenan Mir, paid tribute to their late friend and colleague.